Sedation Dentistry in Grimes

At Grimes Dental Group, we’re committed to excellence.  We understand that needing a filling, crown, or root canal may make you nervous.  We do offer nitrous oxide for restorative appointments as a way to help you relax, just let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly for your appointment.  Insurance does not cover the nitrous oxide cost. 

While using nitrous oxide - also known as laughing gas - you may feel that your arms and legs are heavy, but you will feel very comfortable and relaxed.  During treatment, you will still be able to hear and respond to anything the doctor or assistant asks.  The effects of the nitrous oxide end as soon as the mask is removed from over your nose.  We will administer 5 minutes of straight oxygen once the nitrous is shut off.  Driving is permitted after the use of this type of sedation.  













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